A vintage traditional dresser turned  into a modern chic glam classic piece.

I hope my little find inspire you today. Silver/Gray/Metallic is my new go to color.

I wanted to enhance this piece so that it would set the mood for most glam spaces.

The first step I had to take into consideration both visual and interative aspects.

Creating a modern chic style hue vs a dated hue.

I wanted to allow a buyer to extend the needs of this piece and be able have several use for this find in her new home.

This sleek vintage find has a metallic / and chalk paint  wash finish on the front of this dresser, but still take on the shinning hue as a clear wax was added to the front of this piece to protect the finish. 

 This find has three wide drawer with plenty of storage space. This little great find could easly be converted into a bathroom vanity.